Our Sponsored Children, and the Kenya Project.

The 2006 Project - Stage 2b


Meeting with parents & guardians of the new children who started in 2006

We felt that it was important for the parents and guardians of new children at the school to understand who we were, and why we were paying the KSh 50/- per month that previously parents had been expected to pay for their children to attend the infant school.

As a part of our separate sponsorship fund for children, we have raised enough money to pay the monthly 50/- fees for 98 children (all in the new intake class for three years, plus all of the orphans and needy in the middle and final classes for two and one year respectively).

The photo here shows three of the school committee members and Rod Neep (back left) with the parents and guardians at the meeting.

The parents and guardians expressed great excitement and heart-felt thanks for what we had been doing.

The School Pathway

Mud, mud, glorious mud. The pathway in front of the classrooms was mud.

When it is dry, the fine red Kenya dust gets into everything.

When it rains, and it rains a lot, then the ground becomes so muddy that by walking on it, a thick wedge of mud builds up on the soles of your shoes. And you walk that mud into the class rooms.

Something needed to be done about it.

This was one of the top things on our "to do" list, and therefore on Monday we ordered the stone and paid KSh 48,000/- for it.

On Tuesday the first of the 6 lorry loads arrived, and work began immediately.

By Thursday it was all completed. A path running the full length of the school, round the front of the ECDC (infant) block and as far as the school gates. Short paths were laid from the main path to each of the class rooms.

There was a shortage of edging stones, and so children were asked to find and bring one stone to school. They did it!

Dusty when it is dry

... and the result of one minute of rain

The first load of stones arrives

And  immidiately attracts interest

Preparation work with stone edgings

Laying and levelling the stones

What a difference! Not only is the new pathway practical, but it improves the whole general appearance of the school.